Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Data and Research

Cizer User Support Data and Info 502-573-1555
Data Portal Data and Info 502-573-1555
Data Submission Processes Data and Info 502-573-1555
Evaluation and Research (Adult Education) Cody Davidson 502-573-5114, ext. 373
High School Feedback Reports Data and Info 502-573-1555
Institutional Data Collection Data and Info 502-573-1555
KAERS (Kentucky Adult Education Reporting System, formerly AERIN) - Cody Davidson and Terry Tackett 502-573-5114
Kentuckiana Digital Library Ky Virtual Library 502-573-1555
Kentucky Postsecondary Education Data System Data and Info 502-573-1555
Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) Enid Wohlstein 877-588-5288
P-20 Longitudinal Data System Deepa Dubal 502-573-1555, ext. 134
Performance and Accountability Model (Adult Education) Cody Davidson 502-573-5114, ext. 373
Performance Reports (KAERS) Cody Davdison and Terry Tackett 502-573-5114
Program Productivity Review (Postsecondary) Sarah Levy 502-573-1555, ext. 350
Special Data Collections Data and Info 502-573-1555
Statewide GIS Technology Program Susan Dickerson 502-573-1555
Statistical Charts and Graphs (Adult Education) Cody Davidson and Toni Quire 502-573-5114


Last Updated 9/8/2016