Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Council on Postsecondary Education
May 24, 2004
8 a.m. (ET)
Marriott Griffin Gate
Salon A
Lexington, KY

  1. Introductory remarks
  2. 2004-05 Tuition Rates (120K PDF - includes attachments)
  3. Kentucky/Tennessee Reciprocity Agreement (65K PDF - includes attachment)
  4. Literature review of recent national/regional articles/studies (154K PDF)
    1. "Subsidies, Hierarchy, and Peers" - Journal of Economic Perspectives - Sandy Woodley
    2. "Student Price Response", Journal of Higher Education - Sandy Woodley
    3. "Pricing & Efficiency in Higher Education", Journal of Higher Education - Sandy Woodley
    4. "Unintended Consequences of Tuition Discounting", Lumina - Rana Johnson
    5. "Workforce - How States Link Financial Aid to Workforce", Lumina - Dianne Bazell
    6. "Expanding College Access", Lumina - Bill Payne
    7. "Responding to the Crisis in College Opportunity", Ben Boggs
    8. "High Tuition, Financial Aid, & Cross-subsidization", Southern Economic Journal - Sandy Woodley
    9. "Toward a Theory of Tuition", Williams Project on Economics in Higher Education - Sandy Woodley
  5. Preliminary discussion of affordability study outline
  6. Next Meeting: July 19, 2004
  7. Adjournment


Meeting Materials

Memo Of Record (51K PDF)


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