Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Project Graduate Meeting - August 7 2007

College Access Initiative – Returning Adults

August 7, 2007, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.  

Meeting Room A

Council on Postsecondary Education



Welcome & Introductions                        Sue Patrick

Attending: Sue Patrick (CPE); Melissa Bell (CPE); Bruce Brooks (CPE); Mason Dyer (AIKCU); Don Witt (UK); Vicki Culbreth (NKU); Dan Connell (MoSU); Boyd Bradshaw (UofL); Jim Vaughan (MuSU); John Yates (MUSU); Roger Sugarman (UK); Michael Krause (KCTCS); Sandy Cook (KCTCS); Melanie Leaver (CPE)


Lumina Proposal                                        Melissa Bell

Melissa discussed a grant proposal being submitted by the CPE to the Lumina Foundation. The purpose of the grant would be to provide infrastructure development and support for participating institutions. Another key outcome would be a Kentucky adult learner summit with national speakers.


Kentucky College Access Network       Bruce Brooks

Bruce discussed the August 9th launch of the Kentucky College Access Network (KyCAN). KyCAN will develop a grassroots effort to link organizations and individuals that are involved with providing college access to civic organizations, faith-based groups and business leaders. This network could prove to be a great resource for all outreach efforts. The group was encouraged to attend the launch and support the initiative.


Campus Action Plans                                Sue Patrick & Melissa Bell

·        Roger Sugarman (UK) reviewed the revised UK Campus Action Plan.

·        Only four institutions have submitted a Campus Action Plan.

o       Morehead State University

o       Northern Kentucky University

o       University of Kentucky

o       Murray State University

·        Boyd Bradshaw (UofL) expects to submit their plan soon.

·        Sandy Cook (KCTCS) was meeting with their institutions to explore how they could tap into this campaign.

·        There were no representatives from WKU, EKU and KSU in attendance




Independent Institutions                          Sue Patrick

Sue initiated a discussion the involvement of the independent institutions.

·        Mason Dyer (AIKCU) said that he has worked with many of the institutions and several are eager to get involved and are supportive of the initiative. Mason wasn’t sure whether to engage institutional reps in our meetings at this time.

·        The project graduate numbers do not reflect AIKCU data.

·        The AIKCU institutions are invited to take advantage of the TransUnion data match agreement.

·        Vicki Culbreth (NKU) is already referring some students to Thomas Moore.                


Outreach Support                                      Bruce Brooks

Bruce reviewed the draft campaign communication materials.

·        The group generally preferred the creative that featured people and not concept art.

·        The group wanted to feature the Project Graduate branding more prominently

·        The communication items that were agreed would be useful:

o       TransUnion data match

o       Envelopes and postage

o       Letter template

o       Postcard template (x2)

o       Media release template/talking points

o       After-hours and overflow call center support

·        The additional communication items requested were:

o       Radio/TV spots

o       Billboard artwork

o       Response Team identification materials

·        It was agreed that the draft creative was close and that for the next meeting, the selected artwork would be refined to reflect the findings of the potential adult learner survey


Program Inventory & Database              Bruce Brooks

Reminder the ALFI tool may serve as a baseline funding criteria and that institutions should become familiar with the ALFI assessment tool.


Outreach Communication Processes   Bruce Brooks

Bruce reviewed the planned outreach process for CPE. Some institutions preferred less CPE involvement in the communication process, while other institutions felt that using branding pages and CPE call center scripts would be more consistent across the state and still create a seamless process for their students. Of particular discussion was the use of CPE call center and CRM communication software.

·        There was an unresolved question of which Web strategy to pursue

o       A single Project Graduate URL that would provide campus specific information based on a few background questions.

o       A Project Graduate/institution-branded URL that would take the student directly to campus specific information and would display campus specific logos and links.

o       A direct link to a page within the individual institutions Web site.

o       Many wanted continuity with the campaign and many wanted institutional continuity.

·        Melanie agreed to mock-up how the branded and co-branded Project Graduate pages would display.


Program Evaluation Discussion             Melissa Bell

Melissa initiated a discussion of how Project Graduate would be evaluated.

·        Outreach efforts will be evaluated using traditional methods.

·        Institutions agreed to submit evaluation data on a regular basis (TBD).

·        ALFI or similar would be used to evaluate institutional progress

·        Degree completion stats would serve as long-range evaluation criteria.


Project Graduate Launch Plans             Sue Patrick & Bruce Brooks

The group discussed the practicality of getting a campaign launched in time to meet the previously discussed September timeline.

·        The group agreed to meet again in early October to review progress and set a statewide launch date.

·        A goal of late Fall /early Winter launch to influence the Spring enrollment.

·        Concern was raised that - at the very least - we needed all publics to participate.


Next Meeting                                                Monday, September 10th

                                                                        1 p.m. – 3 p.m.


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