Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Project Graduate Meeting - September 10, 2007

College Access Initiative – Returning Adults

September 10, 2007, Noon-3 p.m.  



Welcome & Introductions                                 Sue Patrick


Attending: Sue Patrick (CPE); Melissa Bell (CPE); Bruce Brooks (CPE); Dan Lavit (MuSU); Vicki Culbreth (NKU); Dan Connell (MoSU); Boyd Bradshaw (UofL); Jim Vaughan (MuSU); Dr. Gary Kuhnhenn (EKU); John Yates (MuSU); Sandy Cook (KCTCS); Felicia Lewis (KSU); LaBrisha Williams (WKU); Crystal Riley (MuSU); Shelton Roosevelt (KSU); Myk Garn (KYVC)


Research Update                                                 Sue Patrick

The group was joined on the phone by Becky Morehouse of Stamats. Stamats recently complete a survey of 1,600 Kentuckians who had earned some college credit but left the Kentucky education pipeline without a bachelor’s degree. The stats were presented in draft form and the group was encouraged to ask questions about the process and the findings.


            Survey Highlights


o       Respondents were predominantly white, females who reported leaving school for family commitments

o       Most respondents reported a GPA of 3.0 or better who planned to return to college in the next three years

o       While money wouldn’t be a motivator for returning to school, money was the number one perceived barrier

o       Most reported having computer access and were considered to be computer-savvy

o       Students wanted recognition for career work



o       EKU was interested in further exploration of the answers to question “Where did you complete your bachelor’s degree? (Where are you taking classes?).” There was a question as to why WKU ranked so highly

o       The group was interested in getting copies of the draft data and final report as soon as possible



Online Program Options                                    Myk Garn

Myk Garn reviewed a list of programs currently offered online and asked that the group review and update the list as well as consider the online format as a toll to reach and engage this audience.


Lumina Proposal Update                                  Melissa Bell

Melissa Bell (CPE) announced that the Lumina grant proposal discussed at the August meeting had been submitted and a funding decision was expected soon.


Campus Action Plans                                         Sue Patrick

Sue reviewed which institutions were still not included in the launch plans. Sue reminded the group that only institutions with approved plans would be allowed to participate in the initial launch. EKU, KSU and UofL expressed a commitment to the initiative and vowed to have a plan submitted soon.


Plans Submitted

o       University of Kentucky

o       Morehead State University

o       Northern Kentucky University

o       Murray State University

Communication Materials & Processes        Bruce Brooks

The group was informed that process for using TransUnion has changed and that it would be processed at CPE offices.


Bruce reviewed Project Graduate logo concepts and outreach materials. The group eliminated two of the postcard concepts and narrowed the logo choices to two.


Next Steps

o       Provide alternate color choices for the “button” logo

o       Provide another “theme” for working adults/career growth

o       Include concept that includes an person(s) of color


The discussion and review of the mock-up landing page for became a discussion of whether to have a single URL/Phone contact for Project Graduate or whether develop customizable element for the individual institutions to implement, host and maintain. The majority felt that leaving the initial URL/Phone element as a single, statewide resource was less complicated and offered a way for everyone to participate without additional delay.

It was agreed to proceed with a single initial contact and explore ways to accommodate institutions who preferred to have immediate access to the student.



Project Graduate Launch Plans                      Sue Patrick & Bruce Brooks

The discussion of launch plans revolved around whether to postpone any launches until January. Some members felt that a fall launch would be difficult to achieve but others wanted to proceed with an October launch plan.


Next Steps                                                             Sue Patrick & Bruce Brooks

The group agreed to review creative development via email.


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