Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

Strategy 3- Enroll more first-time students in KCTCS and transfer them to 4-year programs

Photo of adult students in a classroomWithout the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Kentucky’s four-year universities do not have the capacity to serve the additional students needed to Double the Numbers. Encouraging more students to begin their college careers at KCTCS saves money for the system and the students.

The success of this strategy depends on getting more students to take their general education required courses at a community or technical college, then transfer credits to a four-year degree program. We also must ensure community and technical college tuition is affordable for every Kentuckian.

Statewide tactics
  • Expanded capability at community and technical colleges to deliver a general education component.
  • Enhanced partnerships to provide collaborative advising and student services to support transfer.
  • Increased affordability at community and technical colleges and more financial aid opportunities for adult part-time and transfer students.
2020 statewide targets
  • Increase KCTCS enrollment from 86,500 to 115,800.
  • Increase KCTCS transfers to four-year universities from 4,500 to 11,300.


Last Updated 1/7/2008