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Dual Enrollment

This page is updated annually in the Spring.

Dually-enrolled students are high school students who enroll in college and university courses.

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Technical Definitions
  • Dual Credit
    Dual credit students receive credit at both the high school and college levels.
  • First-Time Student
    A student who enters a college or university as their first traditional higher education experience. This does not include students who are still enrolled in high school and take dual credit postsecondary courses.
  • Matriculation
    Successfully moving from one level of education to another, such as completing a high school diploma or GED and matriculating to a college, or completing a two-year degree and matriculating to a university to work on a four-year degree.
  • Sector
    Identifies institutions by categories based on funding types and the level of degrees offered, two-year public, four-year public, and independent.


Last Updated 3/9/2010
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