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News and Updates: Kentucky postsecondary education system responds to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions are responding to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Students who have already paid tuition at their home institution are being given tuition waivers and others are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Offers of office and lab space for displaced faculty, extensive fundraising drives, and the development of online courses are a few other examples of the institutions' efforts. The president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, Tom Layzell, who also serves as the national president of the State Higher Education Executive Officers, has been in touch with the Mississippi and Louisiana SHEEOS to determine their needs and to offer assistance. 

Below is an archive of various news items that illustrate how Kentucky is responding to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. National news items also show how education communities across the nation are responding. This archive is under development and will be continually updated as news develops.

Kentucky News Archive- Postsecondary education response to Hurricane Katrina

Eastern Kentucky University

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Kentucky State University

Morehead State University

Murray State University

Northern Kentucky University

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville

Western Kentucky University

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Last Updated 10/13/2005