Kentucky: Council on Postsecondary Education

2006-08 Budget Request- Strategic Priorities

Detailed information for each budget item is available in a question-and-answer format by clicking of the respective link.

Base Funding for Core Services
Colleges and Universities   $141.2 million
Adult Education $6 million
Council on Postsecondary Education $3.4 million
Incentive Funding for Critical Reform Initiatives
Endowment Match (Bucks for Brains) $12 million
Research Support Funding Program $22 million
Science and Technology (2)   

ConnectKentucky and Kentucky Research Link


P-16 Joint Engineering Pipeline Program

Regional Stewardship Funding Program $18 million
Workforce Development/Transfer Program $4 million
Technology Initiative Trust Fund Programs (8) $3.8 million

Kentucky Postsecondary Education Network


Education Leadership Redesign Initiative


College Access Initiative

$1 million

Faculty Development Program


College-Level Learning Assessment Project

$1 million

Public Health Initiative


Academic Innovation and Collaboration Grants Program

Total Requested Increase
Operating $223.5 million
Capital $63.2 million


Last Updated 1/3/2006