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Commonwealth Education Continuum

Kentucky has made substantial gains in educational attainment - the Commonwealth Education Continuum will work on smoothing out the transition points to increase student success.

Launched by Gov. Andy Beshear in 2021, the Commonwealth Education Continuum is a new effort to help students successfully progress through each level of Kentucky’s education system and into the workforce.

The group will focus on providing equitable access to opportunities, more support for students and families at every level. The initiative will also seek to strengthen career readiness and success as students enter the workforce, as well as improve awareness of postsecondary opportunities. Lastly, the group will look at teacher quality, and how the state's education workforce supports student success at every level and for every demographic.

Proposed outcomes of the continuum include development of recommendations to help improve Kentucky’s education and workforce pipeline. 



Subcommittee Membership

As part of broadening the scope of the group, the continuum established workgroups consisting of a mix of students, families, and those who represent and work with students - particularly those who are historically underserved by our education system.​These subcommittees will be responsible for creating deliverables and producing specific outputs, which might differ across groups based on the assigned topic area. 

Early Postsecondary Opportunities

Led by Commissioner Glass and Dr. Paul Czarapata, this group will focus on such subjects as dual credit, advanced placement and other types of college credit-bearing courses and preparation.

Transition to Postsecondary

Led by President Thompson and Dr. Lu Young, this group will focus on college access and readiness.

Educator Workforce and Diversity

Led by Lt. Governor Coleman and Dr. Corinne Murphy, this group will focus on student outcomes.

Last Updated 9/30/2021