Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Kentucky Virtual Library

The Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) offers opportunities for learning and research that may not be possible for those in small communities or with limited resources. Also, for busy adults or procrastinating students, the KYVL is available anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. 

How the Kentucky Virtual Library works with libraries

Libraries, especially small school or local libraries, face challenges when providing their customers access to expensive databases critical for effective research. KYVL provides opportunities to Kentucky's libraries to join the consortia for a small fee, with the benefit of large discounts on subscription pricing. Through the statewide purchasing contracts coordinated by the KYVL, Kentucky's libraries save approximately $15 for every $1 invested in shared databases.

Membership in the KYVL is available to colleges, universities, public libraries, public and private K-12 schools and other special libraries. 

How the Kentucky Virtual Library benefits Kentucky

Knowing how to find, evaluate and use information contributes to lifelong learning and improves the quality of life for all Kentuckians. The Council's Kentucky Virtual Library works with libraries across the state to share resources with Kentuckians continuing their education through self-study, school or employer .

How the Kentucky Virtual Library helps us toward 2030 goals

A workforce that is prepared not only for today's jobs but the future of work is vital to Kentucky's economy. KYVL provides equitable access to the materials needed for those pursuing a college degree, career certificate or participating in professional development regardless of economic status, geographic location or educational level.

Last Updated: 9/29/2021