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Dual Credit

Dual credit programs are cost-effective ways for students to earn college credit while in high school, and studies show they increase college enrollment, on-time graduation, and help expose students to career possibilities.

Why Kentucky needs dual credit programs

Improving the educational attainment of Kentucky's citizens is key to ensuring a workforce that can succeed in a global economy. Dual credit programs are a key strategy to advancing that goal.

Dual credit programs provide the opportunity for students to earn those necessary college credits, as well as experience "going to college" among friends and close to home and school. Studies show that these programs increase the chances of college enrollment, on-time graduation, as well as reducing college costs. Dual credit programs also expose students to many career possibilities prior to college, helping refine major and degree program selection.

How the Council helps improve dual credit programs

The Council guides the success of Kentucky's dual credit programs through policy oversight. The Council, with other education leadership, coordinates a Dual Credit Advisory Council, which promotes best practices and monitors each program's quality, growth and success.

As part of its quality assurance, the Council works with other education and community partners to provide training programs for teachers and school leadership. These programs help prepare K-12 teachers for the offering and teaching of dual credit courses. The Council is also working with Kentucky's campuses to adjust teacher preparation curriculum to ensure education graduates are ready to teach dual credit courses. 

How dual credit benefits Kentuckians

Dual credit courses generate an interest in attending college among students who may not have considered college. The programs also promote college-going cultures within schools, providing opportunities for both teachers and students to explore teaching and learning a more rigorous curriculum than before. In addition, dual credit courses are a great way for students to save on college tuition, especially when utilizing dual credit scholarships, which are available to juniors and seniors in Kentucky public or private high schools or are participating in comparable home school programs. 

How dual credit helps us toward 2030 goals

More Kentuckians with college credentials and career-ready citizens are priorities of the Council. Dual credit programs provide the rigorous curriculum and career preparation needed by students, whether pursuing college or career after high school.

For more information about campus implementation of dual credit programs, use the contacts listed below.


Learn more about Kentucky's education goals by viewing Stronger By Degrees, the Council's strategic agenda for postsecondary and adult education.

Last Updated 7/22/2021